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DSMP Sticker Pack Charity Project

DSMP Sticker Pack Charity Project


This sticker pack contains 13 Dream SMP-inspired stickers which consists of: 2 sticker sheets, 2 holographic stickers, 1 die-cut transparent sticker, and 8 die-cut stickers.

100% of profits from this sticker pack will be donated to Team Seas, which helps clean waterways and bodies of water through river Interceptors, locally-organized cleanups, ghost-gear removal efforts, and professional expeditions to areas of greatest impact.

Artists on this project: hannahwavelyte, SkyTeaa, FMcwizz, RealHenki, CanwayM, xMaruu11, WhimsyWhespir, artydrawsthings, itz_bumbleboo, estchiyu, Pufferjuice_, pomodoko, and theuntitledart

DSMP Sticker Pack Charity Project Image 2
L'Manburg Sticker
Rainbow Sticker
"There is no Planet B" Sticker
"Be Kind" Sticker
Pride Sticker
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