Blue Skies Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Polymer Clay:


All polymer clay items are handmade and may have slight flaws and/or vary slightly from each other. Please allow extra time to ship any polymer clay items, as all are handmade and some may be preorders.


As with all handmade items, there is a possibly of breakage or damage if extreme stress is applied. Please be relatively gentle with handmade items, and feel free to reach out if something breaks and you need assistance on how to fix it.


I use Sculpey Premo and Sculpey III for my clay, and all tools/eyepins I use can be found on Amazon!



Enamel Pin Grading:


All pins sold are standard grade pins unless stated otherwise. These are all of the highest quality pins carried and have either no noticeable or very minor flaws. Please remember that all enamel pins are handmade and are likely not 100% flawless.


Seconds pins will sometimes be sold in the shop. Seconds pins are slightly flawed pins sold at a discounted price. All seconds pins are still in good/wearable quality, but may contain some of the following flaws:


  • Overfilled enamel
  • Small bumps on enamel or metal
  • Scratches on enamel or metal
  • Discoloration on enamel or metal
  • Other various imperfections




  • Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipments are currently taking longer than normal due to COVID-19, so please be prepared for your order to be delayed in case a situation arises.

  • Can I change my address after ordering?

Yes! If your shipping address was inputted incorrectly, please contact us before your order has shipped and we can update your address. However, if you contact us after your order has already been shipped, we will happily resend it to you when the item is returned to us, but the customer is responsible for the additional shipping cost.

  • When do preorder items ship?
Preorder items ship whenever the items arrive! Preorder items don't get ordered until all preorders have closed, and then it's up to the manufacturer to make and ship them out. If preorders are delayed, it's likely due to COVID restrictions and delays on the manufacturer's end. Any item(s) ordered with a preorder item will not ship until the preorder item ships!



Customs Fees:


Customers are responsible for paying all import duty/VAT fees. We cannot mark the order total as lower on shipments so custom fees are cheaper, as this is illegal and can result in fines or jail time.



Cancellations and Refunds:


Cancellations are allowed any time after the order up until the order ships. Please contact us as soon as you realize you would like to cancel your order and we will work with you as quickly as possible. Refunds are only offered if it is an error on the Blue Skies Club Shop's end. If you have any questions about refunds, please contact us.



Lost Packages:


Unfortunately, the Blue Skies Club Shop is not responsible for any lost packages after they are in USPS' hands, unless it is an error on the shop's end. You can contact [email protected] if a package is lost, but it may not always be able to be replaced.